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“I make clothing for women to feel confident, beautiful and empowered in” expressed by Toronto based designer Naa-Adei Laura Marmon.  As the preliminary statement with us, along with an unstoppable presence of energy Marmon showed up to Flying Solo’s February 2021 New York Fashion Week show to claim all that is meant for her.  The Saturday afternoon show was staged 7 stories high on a NYC city rooftop complete with a full pit of photographers.  The interview with our Fashion Editor, Marquita Bianca while short packed so many gems and more impressively the clarity of Marmon’s vision.  “I find women feel the need to forgo their femininity to assert their authority.  I’m here to tell them that is not true, use what God gave you.  There is power in our femininity.” This message was translated via bold suits, jackets, blazers, trousers and fedoras.  

After a job loss due to Covid-19 she found herself with a choice for her next career steps.  Those steps leading her to pivoting and focusing on her collection.  “When you have lemons you make lemon-aid.” Marmon reflects that while times are serious she is so grateful for the opportunity.   Her opportunity is now a gain for the world of fashion.  Boss babes everywhere can experience “walking in your power” through strong shoulders and bold silhouettes. As an addition she also offers non-medical face masks that are proudly produced in Canada.

As her 1st fashion week and international appearance we undoubtedly know the authority she placed on the runway will not soon be forgotten.


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