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 Let's take it all the way back, back to a time when a young girl named Naa-Adei Laura Marmon (pronounced Na-day) who never fit in anywhere, found solace amongst her mother's clothing and makeup. She loved to play dress up, and relished in the power she felt.

Her mother saw in her an affinity towards fashion and decided to teach her how to sew.
However, it wasn't until middle school, when an art teacher randomly gave Naa-Adei a fashion croquis to make designs on, did things begin to come together.

Once Naa-Adei created her first design her path was forever changed; she had just found her passion. Which filled the bright-eyed teen with excitement, this was the creative outlet she needed; and this is when she became a fashion designer but had no way of knowing where the road would lead.
Today, Naa-Adei Laura Marmon has created a fashion label that pays respect to her Jamaican and Ghanian heritage; in addition to her strong faith. Naa-Adei, puts forth grace, class, and fierceness to the fashion world, one garment at a time.


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